Kevin W Knight

Kevin W Knight. is known for his active work in developing, explaining and encouraging the use of Standards with respect to the management of risk. He is a founding member of the Standards Australia/Standards New Zealand Joint Technical Committee that produced the original AS/NZS 4360 Risk Management Standard in 1995 and its subsequent revisions in 1999 and 2004.

John Agius

John is a Risk-and-Business-Continuity manager having strong industry and academic experience in the profession and the associated resilience disciplines. Originating from electronics and Computing John moved from DRP in Data Processing and MIS way back in the 1970’s to RM and BC as known today.

Alpaslan Menevse

Alpaslan Menevse CISA, CRISC is Operational Risk Manager at Sekerbank. Among his current responsibilities are integrating ISO 31000 into all banking processes at tactical and operational level. He has a special interest in the "Human Side of Change Management" within the perspective of ERM and ISO 31000.

Domenic Antonucci

Domenic is currently responsible for initiating and aligning mega-project and enterprise-wide risk management (ERM) for Abu Dhabi Ports Company (ADPC). Domenic specializes in implementing ERM within early risk maturity organizations and building risk practitioner tools and techniques for implementing ISO 31000:2009 and formerly AS/NZ 4360:2004.

Geraint Bermingham

Geraint has 30 years of risk management experience, originally as a nuclear submarine engineer with the British Royal Navy and then as a consulting risk engineer in the infrastructure and power industries covering both technical and environmental areas.

Lyndon Bird

Lyndon Bird is a Director of The Business Continuity Institute. He has an honours degree in Chemistry and a Masters in Management from the University of Manchester. He helped found the BCI in 1994, and was awarded the Institute’s highest grade of FBCI.

Peter Blokland

Peter is a former Belgian Air Force pilot, Staff Officer and aircraft accident investigator. During his career he occupied flying duties as an F-16 fighter pilot, a basic and advanced flying training instructor, operations and training officer and eventually Commanding Officer (CO) of a flying training squadron.

Pat Croke

Pat is the managing director of Hyperassure Ltd., a company that provides social media based risk management software solutions as well as consultancy and training. He has over 30 years experience in the multi-national ICT sector, much of it at a senior level.

Alex Dali

Alex is well known today through his very active work in raising awareness of Risk Management Standards, particularly on ISO 31000.

Anthony Davidson

Dr. Anthony Davidson has over 25 years experience leading organizations, and consulting to executives, while developing new growth opportunities that create enduring value.

Martin Davies

Martin is a risk framework architect who designs pricing, control and risk reporting systems for banks, brokerages, exchanges, energy houses and regulators.

Sally Dix

Sally and her team are responsible for liaising with the IIA volunteer structure to support the IIA’s process for maintaining and updating the IPPF (Definition of Internal Auditing, The Code of Ethics, Standards and Guidance).

Angel Escorial

Angel Escorial is CEO of Riskia and member of AGERS (Spanish Association of Risk Management). Angel is Civil Engineer and has a BSc in Physics. He has over 25 years experience in RM consulting he is the project leader of the ISO31000 and Environmental Risk WG in AGERS.

Rico Ferrarese

Rico Ferrarese, Senior Strategic Risk Manager LEGO Group holds an M. Sc and an MBA and has a past education as an officer in the Danish army. Mr. Ferrarese has been working on developing and implementing strategic risk management within the LEGO Group for the past three years, and is currently focused on the Sales and Marketing organization. During these past years, Mr.

Carol Fox

Carol Fox is Director of Strategic and Enterprise Risk Practice for RIMS, a global not-for-profit association dedicated to advancing risk management for organizational success. RIMS produces networking, professional development and education opportunities for its membership of more than 10,000 risk management professionals who operate in more than 120 countries. Prior to joining RIMS, Ms.

John Fraser

John Fraser is Senior Vice President, Internal Audit and Chief Risk Officer of Hydro One Networks Inc., one of North America’s largest electricity transmission and distribution companies. He is a Fellow of the Ontario Institute of Chartered Accountants, a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, a Certified Internal Auditor, and a Certified Information Systems Auditor.

William Gifford

The significance of risk management in business abruptly entered William Gifford’s life on the stoke of noon, one regular working Tuesday afternoon in May 2004. That day’s catastrophic events ended a successful twenty year manufacturing career and changed William’s life and career path forever.

Jacquetta Goy

Jacquetta Goy joined BCLC in 2008 as their first risk manager, with the responsibility of establishing an enterprise wide risk management program. Prior to that she spent 14 years in the English health service, where she was responsible for setting up and developing the risk, quality and governance programs for an inner city healthcare organization.

Brian Gray

After 10 years of being Cold, wet and hungry, Brian left the Canadian Army in 1999 to join the United Nations World Food Programme. Since then he has worked in over 70 countries in logistics, security, administration and programming. His two field postings were Sierra Leone and Iraq. Brian has been central to the development of business continuity in the United Nations.

Frank Herdmann

Frank is an experienced C-level manager with a background in the financial, operational and legal fields.

Lorenza Jachia

Since April 2008, Lorenza Jachia is the Secretary of the UNECE Working Party on “Regulatory Cooperation and Standardization Policies”. A current area of priority for the Working Party is how risk management tools can be used as the basis for the design of regulatory systems.

Stephane Jacobzone

Mr. Jacobzone currently has responsibility for the High Level Risk Forum at the OECD. His experience includes regulatory issues, economic and governance aspects of the public sector as well as health related issues.

John Lark

John is a recognized leader in risk management with over 10 years of experience. In November of 2010 he was awarded the distinguished CPRM certification by the Risk Management Institution of Australasia.

Tim Leech

Tim J. Leech FCA CIA CRMA CFE CCSA is Managing Director Global Services with Risk Oversight Inc.

Awad Loubani

Awad led the development and implementation of PWGSC Integrated Risk Management (IRM) Policy. He is keeping evergreen the Corporate, Operational, Conflict of Interest and IT Risk Profiles.

Louis Marinos

Dr. L. Marinos: Is senior expert at ENISA in the area of Risk Management with extensive experience in the management and operation of security and the coordination of European expert groups.

Currently, he is responsible Manager for Project in the area of Emerging Threat Landscape. He is also involved in issues regarding Economics of Security. His expertise is on:

Norman Marks

Norman Marks, CPA, CRMA is Vice President, Evangelist at SAP, where he focuses on thought leadership around “better run business”. He focuses on governance, risk management, internal audit, compliance, enterprise performance, and business intelligence.

Jan Mattingly

Jan is a recognized and published thought leader and advisor on the subject of enterprise and integrated risk management design, assessment and implementation. She works with decision makers across private and public sector organizations from transportation, health, chemical, oil and gas, financial services, social services, utilities, telecommunications and biotechnology sectors.

Gilles Motet

Gilles Motet is a French scientist in computer science, software engineering and risk management fields. He is now a professor at INSA Toulouse, University of Toulouse. He is the scientific director of La Fondation pour une Culture de Sécurité Industrielle.

Michael Parkinson

Michael Parkinson CIA CRMA CISA CRISC is an internal auditor of more than 25 years experience. After 10 years in Information Technology and Government Finance he became an IT internal auditor in the early 1980s. He has served as Vice Chairman of the Institute of Internal Auditors and as Vice President of ISACA.

Arnold Schanfield

Internal Audit and Risk Professional with diversified industry expertise including consumer products, higher education, life sciences, manufacturing, not for profit, retail, trading companies and higher education.

Jason Shohet

Jason provides global oversight of self-assessment programs. He holds certifications in the governance of enterprise IT, auditing information systems, and IT infrastructure. He has twenty years of experience in operations, audit, regulatory compliance and risk management fields – most of that time in government and financial sectors.

John Shortreed

John is a traffic and transportation engineer who became involved in risks of dangerous goods after the 1979 Mississauga train derailment. In 1982 he became the director of the Institute for Risk Research (IRR) until 2010. He participated in the Krever Inquiry on the safety of the Blood System in Canada.

Marc Siegel

Dr. Marc Siegel is the Commissioner heading the ASIS International Global Standards Initiative developing international and national risk management, resilience, security, and continuity standards as well as provides training on their implementation. He is a RABQSA International certified Business Improvement Lead Auditor, as well as a certified Trainer and Skills Assessor.

Johannes Swanepoel

Johannes Swanepoel is a program manager at Enablon Software Solutions ensuring that risk management activities are aligned with ISO31000 and embedded in all applications that Enablon produce in the Sustainable Development domain. Johannes has 10 years’ experience consulting, developing, implementing and selling of specialised risk management software to organizations worldwide.

Julian Talbot

Julian is the Chief Executive Officer with JBS, a $25 million business strategy and risk management consulting house. JBS not only helps clients with risk management advice but uses it’s own advice and applies ISO31000 as its strategic management and decision-making system.

Carolyn Williams

Carolyn Williams is Head of Thought Leadership at the Institute of Risk Management, the leading international educational and training body for the risk management profession, where she is responsible for communicating the work of the Institute to a variety of audiences.

Alicia Swart

Alicia Swart is a risk turnaround specialist in the consulting industry of South Africa. She has developed a strong reputation for her ability to roll out a thorough ISO 31 000 aligned Integrated Risk Management Program.