Monday 21 May 2012

09:15 - 09:25 Conference Opening

Risk Management : Supporting policy-makers with a framework for actions

Stéphane Jacobzone Counsellor, Public Governance and Territorial Development of the OECD will talk about:

  • Emerging risk - an agenda for actions

  • Risk management policy in the OECD perspective

  • The level risk forum

  • Quality regulation & risk - an OECD instrument

09:25 - 10:10 Special Speaker

20 years of Risk Management Standardisation - Past, Present and Future

Kevin W Knight. Chairman of the ISO Working Group that developed ISO 31000 Australia will talk about:

  • The first standard published on risk management.

  • The successive revisions of the Australian/New-Zealand Standard AS/NZS4360

  • The broad acceptance of AS/NZS4360 leading to ISO Guide 73 (vocabulary) and ISO 31000 (standard)

  • The challenges of developing the ISO 31004 guide to implementing ISO 31000

10:10 - 10:40 Keynote Speaker

ISO 31004 - The next step on the Journey

Project leader for ISO 31004, ISO/PC 262 Risk Management committee - Canada

  • It’s all about results: using risk management outcomes to obtain and sustain top level buy in.

  • Using standards to help build internal and external coordination and consistency in risk management.

  • Cultures, countries and implementation challenges in developing ISO 31004

  • The Canadian experience in ISO 31004: a snapshot

10:40 - 11:00 Networking and Refreshment break

11:00 - 13:00 Parallel Sessions 1

13:00 - 14:00 Lunch

14:00 - 15:15 Parallel Sessions 2

15:15 - 15:45 Networking and Refreshment break

15:45 - 17:00 Plenary Session

Why every RM programme should be based on ISO 31000

The publication of ISO 31000 is a seminal point for risk management. This is the first internationally recognized risk management standard, created by risk management experts from around the world and incorporating twenty years of experience with AS/NZS4360. The standard has been adopted by most G20 countries providing a global reference for stakeholders. It can apply to any activity in any sector, and as a voluntary application it provides a framework for continuous improvement toward improved business performance rather than a bureaucratic compliance/reporting system. This session will explain why every risk management program should be based on the ISO 31000 Risk Management Standard

John Fraser - Chief Risk Officer at HYDRO ONE- Canada

  • The need to keep risk management as a simple and holistic process

  • The need for universal understanding

  • The essence of risk criteria

  • The meaning and practicality of integration

  • Dealing with context and emerging risks

Michael Parkinson. Member of the International Internal Auditing Standards Board at The Institute of Internal Auditor. Chairman of the Committee OB7 at Standards Australia. Director at KPMG - Australia

  • Is there anything else that could be used?

  • The strengths of ISO 31000

  • The advantages of agreed terminology

  • The advantages of a uniform approach

Jacquetta Goy. Risk Manager at BCLC. - Canada

  • The power of using ISO 31000 as your ERM foundation

  • Increasing the understanding of risk through a common language

  • The benefits of alignment

  • How developing risk criteria resolves the appetite discussion

  • Why establishing the context matters

18:30 Gala Dinner

Time to relax, meet old friends and make new ones while enjoying a meal prepared by a top Paris Chef. The dinner will take place on a boat cruising down the Seine giving you a chance to admire beautiful Paris in the spring time.