Who Should Attend?

Who should attend?

  • Executive heads for Risk or Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), Internal Audit, Compliance and other related corporate governance functions
  • Non-executive directors wishing to gain a greater understanding of risk management
  • Directors and managers across all organisations, public and private, large and small who manage or wish to manage risk as part of effective corporate governance.
  • Chief Risk Officers, Auditors, risk managers, Governance & compliance practitioners who provide advice on the management of risk either in house or as consultants.
  • Those who implement risk management or ERM in their organisations or government bodies in the following areas :
    • Enterprise Risk Management/ERM
    • Risk Management/Risk/CRO
    • Internal Audit
    • Corporate Compliance
    • Business continuity
    • Treasury
    • Security, including IT
    • Strategic Planning
    • Risk management education & training
    • Public sector and regulatory